Car presentation 2023

Renault R5 GT Turbo - 1988, Gr. N - Jörg Reiners/Andreas Zunehmer

This is an original Renault R5 GT Turbo from the French Renault 5 GT Turbo Cup which was part of the rally championship there. Then the car came to Portugal and turned up in the Netherlands in early 2000, but in a desolate condition and missing lots of parts. Mehr >

Renault 5 Turbo - 1985, Gr. B - Rainer Prass/Jean Lucas Prass

In 1981, at the age of 15, Rainer Prass saw a Renault 5 Turbo finish in 5th place at his local Hunsrück Rally and from that day on he dreamed of being able to drive one himself one day. Mehr >

Volvo P122 S - 1965, Gr. 2 - Olaf Pothoven/Jelle Pothoven

Olaf has rallied this Volvo P122 S for many years in several countries until it was time to give it a complete restauration. This was finally carried out in 2022 and 2023 and the car has received the works colors from Volvo which is just a simple white. He used the works car in the Volvo museum for reference to get all the details rights. Mehr >

Peugeot 205T16E2 Pikes Peak - 1987, Gr. Prototyp - Erich Müller/Stefan Zabernig

A few years ago, Erich Müller made headlines by converting a Peugeot 205 T16 road car into a full-fledged Evo2 Group B supercar. Now the master plumber who lives at the German-Austrian border even went further and created a copy of the 1987 Pikes Peak Peugeot. Mehr >

Audi Quattro S1 E2 - 1985, Gr. B - Walter Münch/Bruno Schraud

Walter Münch is a big Röhrl fan and therefore asked SG Power to build this Sport Quattro for him. The body was welded together from different Audi types as it was done in the past with the originals too. The full 550 HP of this Quattro want to be driven with respect. Mehr >

Mercedes 190 E 2.3-16 - 1987, Gr. A - Steve Magson/Geoff Atkinson

This Mercedes disappeared after an accident in a cellar in Monaco and then found its way to Steve Magson in Great Britain. Then Andreas Bayer, known for his passion for Mercedes rally cars, bought this 190 from Steve, but only on one condition: that Steve could start with it one last time at the Eifel Rally Festival. Mehr >

Peugeot 306 Maxi - 1998, Gr. Kit Car - Stefan Malter/Katja Malter

Im Jahre 1997 setzte Peugeot Sport den 306 Maxi nur bei einigen Asphalt Rallyes ein wo sie mit dem Fronttriebler auch gut Chancen hatten. So bei der Catalunya und Tour de Corse. Beide male konnte Gilles Panizzi den dritten Platz erreichen und die Klasse der Kit Cars gewinnen. Mehr >

Lancia Delta Superdelta - 1994, Gr. A - Franco Lupi/Boris Zollinger

After the events with Giovanni Recordati, this Integrale came to Switzerland and rallied there until 2000. Than it was meticulously restored by Franco Lupi, a process that took eight years. Mehr >

Audi Quattro A2 - 1986, Gr. B - Marcel Ludwig/Richard van Silfhout

This Audi was built in 2016 and already drove in the Rothmans colours of John Bosch at the Eifel Rallye Festival. For a Björn Waldegård special exhibition the Goodwood Festival of Speed asked if Marcel could change this Quattro into the Bauhaus colours of the Jänner Rally from 1984 and he did that for 2019. Mehr >

Fiat 124 Abarth Rallye - 1975, Gr. 4 - Dino Lucchetti/Vittorio Lucchetti

This Fiat 124 CSA dates from 1973 and was initially registered in central Italy before it came to San Marino to a former Abarth employee. The car was probably prepared in Italy and used in local rallies. In the early 90s, the car was brought to Germany. Mehr >