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The ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 18th/20th, 2019) had not really started before everyone involved was horrified by an accident during the shakedown. One of the first cars left the road on a straight and plunged down to the right and injured six spectators all of whom were in a designated spectator area. At the scene were two doctors and several paramedics, so that immediate help could be provided. The emergency services of the organizer and other help requested were at the scene of the accident in a few minutes. An emergency chaplain was also on site and looked to console the non-injured fans who had witnessed the event.

In the volcanic Eifel around Daun, the earth will tremble and the air will burn. But the reason is not the extinct volcanoes that gave this landscape its name. At the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 18th/20th 2019) one hundred and seventy cars from the history of rallying will set the region vibrating. At the largest rolling rally museum, often referred to as the "The Elephant Parade of Historic Rally Sports", there is a comprehensive collection of original and faithful rally cars from the history of this wonderful sport.<br><br>The reputation of the Eifel Rallye Festival now extends far beyond Europe, and the origin of the cars, drivers and fans at the event this year is testimony to the 2019 motto of "Rally Around the World".

A look at the entry list for the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 18th/20th, 2019) also reveals a gradual change in the character of the vehicles taking part. In recent years, Group B cars have not featured much in live demonstrations. Their value is constantly increasing and the supply of spare parts for them is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, the owners often park these cars and hold them as an investment and at least some of them can be seen in museums. For Festival fans, there is a big exception here in the Eifel since no fewer than thirty-three vehicles from the Group B era are registered.

This year rally celebrities will again gather at the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 18th/20th,2019). Already in its ninth year, the largest rolling rally museum attracts not only a large number of historic rally cars to the Vulkaneifel, but also their former drivers. As a result, many people from the surrounding area - and from much further afield - meet in Daun for this fascinating event.

Not only is the entry list for the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 18th -20th, 2019) full to bursting, but many former drivers from works rally teams are increasingly being drawn to the world-famous event in the Eifel region. Former World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist from Sweden will be there again, as will two World Rally Champion co-drivers, Nicky Grist 1993 (GB) and Luis Moya 1990 [&amp;] 1992 (Spain). The multiple British Rally Champion, Jimmy McRae, was so enthusiastic when he was at the event last year that he wanted to be there again and will be making the journey from Scotland in 2019.

The contest for the last places in the Eifel Rallye Festival (July 18-20, 2019) has begun since, long before the official closing date at the end of May, the maximum of 150 starting places are almost completely taken. The fascination shown by the owners and fans of historic rally cars continues unabated in this the ninth year of the Festival. In addition, the demonstration runs of the original machines of rallying in the Vulkaneifel around Daun every year becomes even more international.

The Eifel Rallye Festival, to be held from July 18th  to 20th 2019, once again promises to provide a great spectacle for rally fans. Now in its ninth year, the event wishes to highlight its ever-increasing international appeal and thus will be run under the theme "Rally Around The World".<br><br>In 2018, the 182 participating crews came from eighteen different countries while more than 100 accredited journalists represented nineteen different nations. "Our festival is becoming more and more international and we want to underline this with this year's theme", says Otmar Anschütz (Daun), chief organiser of the demonstration event and president of the organising club, MSC Daun.

Rally fans from all over Europe will want to put this date in their calendars for next year. The organisers are delighted to announce that the ninth edition of the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival will take place from July 18th to 20th, 2019, in the Vulkaneifel region. As in previous years, drivers from four continents will transform the city centre of Daun into a huge international rally family meeting. They will come along with up to 40,000 spectators who flock to the picturesque area just south of the Nürburgring to see classic rally cars representing fifty years of rallying.

The 2018 edition of the Eifel Rallye Festival that was held from July 19th to 21st had all ingredients that a good Festival should have. An enthusiastic audience celebrated more than 170 rally cars representing more than 90 different types of cars and participants from sixteen different countries headed by more than a dozen famous drivers from the past including former World Rally Champions Stig Blomqvist and Timo Salonen. Even the weather played its part and delivered in style with hot and sunny conditions in Daun and the Vulkaneifel region only interrupted by a short, obligatory rain shower on Saturday afternoon.

Just one week to go until the eighth edition of the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 19 - 21, 2018) kicks off in Daun. While the one hundred and seventy-plus participants are giving the final touches to their classic rally cars, many helping hands from the MSC Daun are involved in the final preparations of the Festival. They want to be 100 percent ready for tens of thousands of international guests who will come to the Vulkaneifel for this unique demonstration event. “It is time to finally get going. After a good year of preparation we are all looking forward to the start”, says Otmar Anschütz (Daun), the chief organiser of this motorsport event.

The entry list for the 2018 ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 19 - 21, 2018) has been published and it features more than 170 historic rally cars from six decades and, among them, 45 of the much-loved Group B supercars. The quantity and quality of cars coming to Daun is simply unrivalled, especially in terms of originality. All cars of the main field resemble a famous rally car from the past. Thus every sponsor sticker is in the right place and the colour scheme matches with its role model not only on the outside, but also on the inside. With the engines also being mostly to contemporary specification, their sound is just as authentic as their looks. It is only the smartphones of the spectators which will remind you that you have not been beamed back to the year 1965, 1973 or 1986.

The entry list for the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival is closed and, as usual, the demonstration event for classic rally cars that is taking place from July 19-21, 2018 is fully booked. However, it is not only the number of vehicles that delights the fans, it is also the enormous level of originality that distinguishes the Eifel Rallye Festival from others. "The entry list will not be published before July 1st, but I can already reveal some really sensational details," says co-organiser Reinhard Klein. "The crews coming to the Vulkaneifel come from 16 nations, they drive classic cars from 34 different manufacturers and an incredible 90 (!) different types of cars."

The line-up of cars and drivers coming to the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival in Daun/Germany is growing quickly and now also features two former World Rally Champions. Stig Blomqvist, who secured the WRC title in 1984, is one of the fixtures of the demonstration event for classic rally cars. The popular Swede, who was crowned an 'Ambassador of Rallying' at last year's Festival, will be part of the event again this year.

The ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival, held from July 19 to 21 around Daun/Germany, will go into its eighth year in 2018 and the interest in the demonstration event for classic rally cars is certainly not easing. "Only a few places in the entries list are still vacant right now, we expect to be booked fully once again", says Reinhard Klein, head of the 'Slowly Sideways' group that ratifies the entry list.