Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Ralf Fischer

Ralf Fischer was taken to the Eifel Rally by a friend as a spectator. "I was immediately enthusiastic about the "old" rally cars. Since I had driven a Lancia Delta Integrale HF 8V in the slalom, I decided to drive an "original" rally car there as well.
No sooner said than done, and now he is a permanent guest in Daun. "The service park in the city is always an experience for the spectators and also for me. When I tell someone about it, I especially emphasise that they can have a close look at the vehicles there without barriers. Here, the fans and the drivers get to know each other and the helpfulness of all participants among each other is also remarkable.
Of the special stages, I like "Hilgerath" with its jumping hill the best. It has to be said that a lot has been done in terms of securing the course. That is important for everyone involved, for the teams and the spectators along the route!
My personal highlight was in 2016, when I stood next to Neuville and Schwarz in the front row at the photo shoot. The Eifel Rally Festival is the 'highlight of the year' for me!