Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Peter Zima

Peter Zima has been in the Eifel since 2007 and never misses an opportunity to drive his Delta.
This festival in Daun is extremely important for historic sport. For many other organisers, this event is virtually the 'blueprint' for their activities. And where else can you move your oldie on such a gigantic stage. It is impressive how large the audience is. There is a great atmosphere among the participants, everyone helps each other and everyone helps so that everyone can roll over the finish ramp. The shining children's eyes are special for me when they get to sit in my driver's seat. For me personally, of course, the Bosch Superstage with its gravel was the most brilliant. I was able to move my Safari Delta in a manner befitting its species. However, you can always see that clearly on the Lancia afterwards. The supply of spare parts used to be very problematic; I used to go to the former teams in Italy again and again to talk them out of one part or another. This has improved due to the growing interest in the 'old' rally cars, and there are now suppliers who rebuild the parts. However, the development of the value of our vehicles is frightening. With the prices, you have to think very carefully about where and how you use these precious vehicles. It would be sensible to display them only at home.