Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Partik Berghaus

Patrick Berghaus has been competing continuously since 2000, always with one of the two family-owned Metros. Until 2018 always with father Peter, after his illness with Karin John.
Even before the festival, when we drove at the DRM rally in Daun as part of the Slowly Sideways programme, many fans came especially for us. But with the festival, it suddenly became huge, really gigantic. With the festival, the whole project and especially the field of participants became much more professional and much more original. And despite the many starts here: we look forward to 'our' festival every year again, it's a fixed part of the annual calendar. Just as important as riding on the demonstration tracks is the international meeting with friends. These are people we have met again and again for years, but only once here in Daun. All the 'trappings' make the festival special and are very important. For us, of course, it is something special that people like Konrad Schmidt, Marc Duez or Willi Lux, who drove or used this metro in the past and whom we always admired, now come to us. They come to have a look at our MG and this always leads to very nice, interesting conversations.