Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Olivier Hermans

Olivier Hermans from Belgium also had his first Eifel experience before the festival in the Slowly Sideways supporting programme. "The tracks are beautiful, everything is perfectly organised and runs on time. The spectators are motor sport enthusiasts and last but not least, the "Trabi" is a German car!
I am always thrilled when I see how many people from all over the world come to Daun, as participants or as fans. There are always a large number of world rally champions and winning cars. The great atmosphere, the many car brands and models make the festival something special. For me, the BOSCH Stage was always a highlight, but also the gigantic service park in Daun and, as the "icing on the cake", the rally evening. Here I received the "Champions Choice" trophy in 2017 - a great and special award!
In my opinion, the event has become bigger, but also a bit more expensive. But it's also not easy to find the right mix for everyone. For me, the festival is great, super, unique!