Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Markus Trapp

Markus Trapp: "My first participation in the Eifel Rally Festival was inspired by my visit to the Eifel Rally, when it was not yet a purely historical event. When I watched the Slowlys, I always said: I'm going to start here soon, too. My colleagues always smiled at me. But my ambition was aroused. And at the festival I experienced all the ups and downs. But the highs far outweighed the lows. I like to think of friends and family pushing us over the finish ramp after a technical defect on the last stage. But also my personal highlight when I overtook Mattias Kahle on my favourite stage 'Lehwald'.
For me, the welcome evening and the rally party on Saturday are important parts of the event. I think the set-up in the service park could be improved. But you can't please everyone here. The festival has developed further with new stages.
For me, the special thing about the Eifel is the togetherness of participants and spectators. Just like the great helpfulness of the Eifel people and the fact that many friends and family are always there. Festival in three words: Mega awesome weekend."