Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Götz Pfauders

Götz Pfauders first participation was already at the 2003 Eifel Rally with the Slowly Sideways: "A Dutch sports comrade brought it to my attention." And then he reports the following: "Reinhard Klein came once and asked if Björn Waldegard could drive a special stage in my Mercedes SLC with a minister. Of course! Björn's subsequent comment:
'as if I were sitting at home in a luxury armchair in front of the TV' I will never forget ??. My wife Wea then sat next to Björn for 2 exams.
The friendship and helpfulness among each other is enormous. Last year
our cardan axle was broken. Another team repaired the damage until after midnight and it lasted until the end of the rally!"
The Dutchman is also a fan of the 'Lehwald' stage: "The circuit simply offers everything. Long. Wide asphalt bends, narrow country lanes, wide gravel bends in the forest - simply super! The concept still fits and leads to new participants and spectators. The Eifel Rally Festival is still growing in popularity.
Thursday is the Helmut Deimel film evening, Friday the technical scrutineering open to the public and the autograph session with the VIPs. And of course the variety of historic rally cars. Where else in the world can you find that in one place?"