Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Achim Loth

After 10 years as sporting director at the service areas of the Eifel Rally (without ever having seen a car on a special stage), Achim Loth wanted to experience the perspective of a participant and has fulfilled this wish several times. He describes his personal highlight as follows: "In 2004, I met a very special lady from Switzerland at the Eifel Rallye and fell in love with her very quickly...
When this lady proposed to me live from the stage at the prize-giving ceremony on Saturday evening, I was speechless for a moment (happens rather rarely with me...) and of course said yes to my present wife.
The atmosphere in Daun, the whole crazy historic rally world meets in a small but nice Eifel town, unique and unbelievable for me until today.
Without the hundreds of helpers who sacrifice their free time to make our hobby possible, none of this would be possible! They are the true heroes of this festival! And also the fans who make the pilgrimage to the special stages in all weathers, cheer us on and motivate us every year with their enthusiasm for our cars. There should be a helper and fan prize every year.
Celebrating the most beautiful historic rally event in the world with friends, fans and helpers one weekend a year and thinking every year it couldn't get any better. And to be proven wrong with every new event. A crazy, small idea became something really big - without ever losing its unique charm. For me, the Eifel Rally Festival is unique, great and unforgettable!"