The home of the rarest species

In 2015, the organisers of the Eifel Rallye Festival tried a new concept intended for those rally cars which are either too fragile or too valuable for a full weekend of rallying over more than 100 kms of stages - or perhaps cannot not get approval to drive on the open road. This was the birth of the Festival Parade. The idea was so well received that the Parade has been enlarged for 2016. In addition to the SS "Rundkurs Hilgerath" on Friday night, the Parade cars now also tackle the "RK Kelberger Land" stage on Saturday afternoon.

In only its second year, the Festival Parade attracts some cars that have hardly ever been seen on a rally stage during the past few decades. The Ford Escort RS1700T is one example. The Group B prototype from Ford was intended to fight for WRC victories against Audi Quattros and Lancia 037s but then the project was stopped and the RS1700T was only used for rallies in South Africa. Equally rare is the Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak that was made famous by the award winning film "Climb Dance". After technical problems last year, Enda Garvey is set to make a real show this time. On the other hand, the Festival Parade is also good for a reunion. Safari legend Mike Kirkland will drive his original Nissan from the 1983 Safari Rally in the parade. For the Japanese car, this means double duties as it will also take part in the normal part of the Festival with its owner, Achim Loth, at the wheel.

Peter Schlömer, the chief organiser explains: "The Festival Parade is a platform for many of those prototypes and exotic cars which are not able to do a full weekend of rallying. Thanks to this concept we can welcome cars here in Daun that are rarely seen in public. And I think everyone can understand if the owners do not push the pedal to the metal too hard with these special cars."

Festival Parade - Dates
Friday 22.7. - SS 2 Rundkurs Hilgerath
Saturday 23.7. - SS 6 RK Kelberger Land 2
The start is always a few minutes ahead of the 1st Course Car.
At all other times, the cars will be on static display in the Rally Mile.

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