Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Sascha Dörrenbächer

The name Dörrenbächer has stood for high-quality rally photos since 1992. That was not always the case. No, don't misunderstand. Today, it is Sascha who 'shoots' brilliant photos, but already from 1987 until 1999, his father Fredy shot rally videos with the focus on events in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. Older ones may remember the Eichert Racing Film Team and later N&D Video. Some videos can still be found on youtube (rallyecar1) ore here ( And at the end of the year there was always a review of the season set to music. Here, Fredy then noted 30 years ago for the Oberehe rally that a left-right combination near Dreis-Brück was not only a real driving challenge, but the ditch lying next to the roadway had an undreamt-of attraction, especially for vehicles with the flash and here especially for the Opel Manta. According to Fredy Dörrenbächer, it was a veritable 'MANTA HOLE' - the name was born...
The photo shows the man from Hüttigweiler filming. Next to him Jürgen Hahn, today press officer of the Eifel Rally Festival. Sascha Dörrenbächer has been the festival's chief photographer from the beginning.
And finally, an important note for all fans (and a 'warning' for Manta drivers): The 'MANTA HOLE' will be part of the stage layout again in 2023!