Car presentation

Ford Escort RS1600 - 1973, Gr. 4 - Trini van Rooij/

Trini van Rooij liked the 1973 Shell Sport livery best for his Escort, so he copied Hannu Mikkola's car from the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally. Mehr >

VW Golf 1 Gti - 1980, Gr. 2 - Henk van de Kamp/Stefan Putman

In the year 2015 this VW was bought, completely dismantled and built up again with the help of the existing original photos. It became a real copy of the car from 1980. No less than 4 years were necessary for this project. Not only in the Netherlands the original spare parts from this time were searched and found. Mehr >

Lancia Delta Superdelta - 1983, Gr. A - Andre Thiel/Axel Thiel

This Lancia Integrale came to the Thiel family in 2013 as a road car and was then converted into a rally car by Lancia specialist Frank Unger. In 2022 it was finally ready and, as a copy of Carlos Sainz's 1993 Repsol Delta, could finally be registered. Mehr >

Fiat 131 Abarth Mirafiori - 1980, Gr. 4 - Thomas Schröder/Daniel Scharf

The company SG Power built this Fiat 131 Abarth with an effort of about 2000 hours to a copy of the Monte Carlo winning car of 1980. It is part of the collection of Walter Münch, who had the goal of rebuilding all of Walter Röhrl's Monte Carlo winning cars. Mehr >

Lancia Rallye 037 - 1983, Gr. B - John Saunders/

The car was found in a museum in Las Vegas having sat on display for nearly 25 years following its sale from the factory. Although non-running, the car was superbly untouched and original and has just completed a comprehensive but carefully sympathetic two-year restoration. Mehr >

Ford Cortina Lotus Mk2 - 1968, Gr. 2 - Heinz Scholl/Isabelle Kart Scholl

This Lotus Cortina Mk2 was originally registered in the UK (that’s the reason why it is right-hand drive) and when the owner moved to Switzerland, he took the car with him. In 1972, it was sold to a Swiss master of car mechanics who used it as his regular road car but also entered club events like auto slaloms and hill-climbs with it. Mehr >


Da sich das Konzept für den Ablauf vom vergangenen Jahr bewährt hatte, wurde es nur mit einigen Detailoptimierungen auch für 2014 übernommen. Große Spannung herrschte allerdings bei den Organisatoren, ob sich das Motto des neuen Jahres so wie geplant umsetzen ließ. ‚Vielfalt‘ sollte eine möglichst große Anzahl an unterschiedlichen Marken und Fahrzeugtypen aus der Geschichte des Rallye- Sports in die Eifel bringen.

After the first Eifel Rally Festival was such a complete success, the MSC Daun quickly decided to have a second edition. In doing do, the organising team further expanded the platform for historic rallying in Europe. They also decided that, in the future, not only were the cars to be shown, but there would also be a special thematic focus each year. These did not necessarily have to be exact anniversaries since the memory of particular events could also become a theme. In 2002, the last traditional Safari Rally took place in East Africa – for the time being, that was – which was reason enough to commemorate this legendary rally ten years later.

In the morning hours of 28 April 2023, the last (classification) test for our sports comrade Petra Müller ended. The members of the MSC Daun and the organising team of the Eifel Rally Festival are very sad about her much too early death. She was not only active in the board of MSC Daun and in the organising team of the festival, she was above all a lovely, friendly and always helpful person.

The first 10 editions of the Eifel Rally Festival are summarized in an extremely readable book with many unique photos on over 300 pages. It all started in 2011 with the birth of a new kind of event. The idea of giving the Slowly Sideways troupe its own stage as the largest rolling rally museum in the world was a huge success right away.

At the moment, this gondola transports guests up the Sommerberg to the Hintertux Glacier in the Austrian Zillertal. You can see the gondola of our partner "Zillertaler Gletscherbahn" live in July in the Daun Rally Mile. And not only that. The "VIPs" present at the festival will sign the cabin. And then it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Ideal for ski fans with a weakness for rallying or rally fans with a weakness for skiing. Either way, it's definitely a great garden shed of a special kind! More information about the auction will follow! We hope you have fun bidding now.

The official book about the first 10 editions of the Eifel Rally Festival is not only a chronicle: With the stars of the scene from the past and present and with the most beautiful original cars and replicas from rally history, it is a Who's Who of the sport, so to speak. Experience the highlights from ten years of the festival with cars that are otherwise never seen, such as the Group S Audi, the rebuilt Safari Stratos or exotics from the Jidé to the Clan Crusader. A unique cross-section of rally history with the classics from Mini and Volvo PV544 to Group 4 legends like Stratos and Ascona 400, with the unforgotten Group B monsters, the stars of Group A from Lancia to Subaru as well as with the spectacular World Rally Cars.