ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival 2020 - Save the Date

  • Eifel Rallye Festival will run from July 23rd/25th, 2020
  • Tenth birthday celebration for the big festival that takes care of rally history
  • Two new routes for the anniversary event

The date for the tenth anniversary edition of the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival is set. From July 23rd to the 25th next year, the tenth edition will take place in the Vulkaneifel centred, as usual, around the starting and finishing point of Daun. As in the previous nine years, around one hundred and sixty rally cars covering fifty years of rally history will bring the fans to the tracks of this fascinating sport over the Festival weekend. Once again, tens of thousands of fans from all over Europe – and now we see them also coming from several other continents – will travel to celebrate this 'Class Reunion of International Rally Sports'.

Eifel Rallye Festival :: Preservation of Rally History
"Our Festival has been flatteringly described as the ‘Giant Parade of Historic Rallying' or as 'A unique mixture of sport, show, rally romance and a tourist invasion of the Volcanic Eifel'. Thus, it is important for us to create a firm basis for the preservation of historic rally sport with our Festival." Thus Reinhard Klein (Cologne) explains the intention of the event. As the head of Slowly Sideways, the Europe-wide association of owners of historic rally cars, Klein is responsible for putting together the starting field. "In order to preserve history, it is important to keep the cars in their original condition. With the quality of their vehicles and the multitude of models, our participants and their cars form a starting field that is unique anywhere in the world".

New highlights for teams and fans
The foundations of the event remain the same, "We want to stick to what has been tried and tested, but at the same time have some additional attractive aspects for both participants and fans by introducing some new details," says Otmar Anschütz (Daun). As the chairman of the MSC Daun who organise the Festival, he is responsible for pulling together the threads of this big event. "We will have two new routes in our programme, and we have also come up with some ideas for the celebration of our tenth anniversary."
The interest is already rising with drivers, fans and the entire historic rally community long before the festival jubilee with plans being made by those who wish to attend

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