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ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 22-24 2021)
Press release 02

ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival – The anniversary will take place in 2022!

From July 22nd to 24th of 2021, it was planned to hold the tenth edition of the Eifel Rally Festival in the Volcanic Eifel around Daun. But the world's largest rolling rally museum will not open its doors again until 2022. "The Eifel Rallye Festival exists principally for its participants and the thousands of fans. Demonstration drives of historic rally cars, the enthusiastic fans out on the stages, autograph requests, petrol-head chatter, worldwide meeting of rally drivers all sharing the pleasure of reminiscing about the sport and its cars – this is what makes our Festival so very special," explains organisation manager Otmar Anschütz (Daun).

"Unfortunately, however, in 2021 we cannot ensure that this can all happen as we would like to see it. For example, there is currently no certainty that there will be freedom of travel in July, at least in Europe, which would make our Festival unable to be held in the traditional way and in its all-encompassing variety. So it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to extend the period of patience for another twelve months."

Moving the Festival into the autumn is not an option as the city of Daun can only provide most of its infrastructure for the event during the school holidays. But the organiser's thanks go to the municipalities, all the authorities and organisations involved, and to the sponsors and helpers. "As always, they have all supported us during the preparations that have been going on over the past six months and are the guarantors of the success of our event."

Anschütz renews his promise from last year: "We have planned a lot for the tenth anniversary. Now we will extend the preparations for another year and then celebrate a great tenth edition together with EVERYONE in July 2022!”


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