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ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival 2020 - The first guests announce themselves

  • Current Manufacturer World Champion Hyundai comes to Daun
  • Audi Tradition celebrates forty years of the Quattro in the Volcanic Eifel
  • Application for entries opens on March 1st, 2020

For ten years now, the Eifel Rallye Festival has been presenting the history of rallying - live, original and above all close up. The jubilee event that will run from July 23rd to the 25th 2020 in the Volcanic Eifel area around Daun promises to be an absolute cracker. Already before the opening of the entry list in March there are many requests to participate. "In order to allow a large variety of vehicles, we have to pay even closer attention this year to only allow a limited number of individual models. We want the fans to be presented with as broad a spectrum of contemporary witnesses from fifty years of rally history as possible", explains Reinhard Klein, the man who is responsible for selecting the starting grid.

Top-class guests at the anniversary
Over the past nine years, the Eifel Rallye Festival has repeatedly attracted top-class guests to Daun. For this tenth anniversary, two absolute top-class attractions have announced their intention to attend early on. These alone would make a journey to the Eifel in July worthwhile. After a successful season in 2019, Hyundai Motorsport have agreed to come to the anniversary Festival. The reigning Manufacturer World Champions will bring an i20 Coupé WRC, though who will drive the i20 from their WRC squad has not yet been decided. But no matter who is chosen to drive, it will be a feast for the eyes and ears of the fans.

Audi Tradition has in the past provided some highlights for the Eifel Rallye Festival. For example, the world premiere of their Group S prototype in 2016 and the impressive performance of their original Pikes Peak winning car in 2018 were both a big focus of interest for the fans. This year, the Quattro is celebrating its fortieth birthday, which is reason enough for the Ingolstadt team to bring some of their classic rally cars to the Eifel. Which cars will come and with which drivers remains a secret, but no matter how, a roll of thunder in the Eifel is guaranteed. Reinhard Klein knows more details, but only gives us one piece of information, "Our friend Stig Blomqvist will be coming to us again this year. And we are in discussion with other world-famous drivers and the owners of absolute top rally cars. But we are keeping it the same as always. We will not announce that they are coming until it is really certain." This leaves the fans with a few exciting months to wait until the entire starting field can be presented.

The 'troublemakers' will be even more spectacular and diverse
The pre-car field is to be upgraded for the anniversary. These are vehicles that do not meet the strict criteria of originality to allow them to run in the main field and they drive through the demonstration stages before the main field. They compensate for their status by serving as an incandescent opening for each stage by displaying a driving style that is absolutely worth seeing. Jürgen Lenarz, the man in the organisation team who is responsible for the composition of the 'troublemakers', says, "I could easily more than double the number of participants but there is a maximum of twenty starting positions available. Here too, we want to offer the fans another highlight for the anniversary with, if possible, even more spectacular and diverse cars. This will not make the selection of the participants easy".

The Rally Mile - every centimetre counts.
There are problems, but they are not really problems, because it is always a challenge to overcome them. One of the biggest difficulties for the Eifel Rallye Festival is the limited capacity of the open areas in the city centre of Daun where rally cars are parked and serviced. It is that restriction which only allows a maximum number of participants in the event. But the places for rally cars are often restricted by large service vans and trucks. This year, the organizing MSC Daun is offering a new solution. "We have separated the entry fee for the rally cars and their service van. This way two or more teams can save money if they share a service vehicle. Hopefully, this will give us the big advantage of creating an additional space for one or two more jewels from rally history", explains Otmar Anschütz who is Chairman of the MSC and organising director of the whole event. Anschütz and his team have another 'problem' under control which is the efficient use of every square centimetre in the Rally Mile. The excellent liaison that exists with the residents and tradespeople in the street makes it possible to transform the entire city centre into a Rally Mile every year. "In particular, the catering businesses are very impressed by our Festival and some say it is the weekend with their highest turnover of the year", explains Anschütz. "There are even restaurateurs who are building a terrace especially for the Festival weekend."

Please take note.
Ticket sales do not start until the end of March. Until then, we kindly ask you to refrain from asking.

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