Photographic Competition 2018 – These are the winners

1st Prize: Bram Lambrechts, Herk-deStad, Belgien
This photo of Bram Lambrechts might almost as well have been taken during the Safari Rally in 1985. At that time there was still a lot of black-and-white photography and printing, while the forest in the north of Kenya looks identical in some places to the Eifel location. The photo from 2019 illustrates in a very special way the concept of the Eifel Rallye Festival which is the possibility to present and preserve the history of the rally sport in a pure form.

2st Prize: Gilian van Harmelen, Almere, Niederlande
In bright sunshine, Isolde Holderied drives the Toyota Corolla WRC through an Eifel village while, on the horizon, the next summer thunderstorm is already threatening. These contrasts from the Eifel Rallye Festival are perfectly captured in this photo and convinced the jury of its worth.

3st Prize: Andreas Dietrich, Langöns, Deutschland
With a wide or panoramic format, an image can be reduced to its essential message. Here the key message is the spectators who are watching the rally car go by. The Lancia 037 is out of focus so that its speed can be understood as an element of the picture. The spectator stand provided by a tractor on the left gives this photo its special touch.

Special prize "photo art": Nina Müller, Düsseldorf
An eye for special details was the decisive factor in this photo. Stones lie on the track, the photographer sees them, focuses on them with a long telephoto lens and only has to wait until a participant hits them correctly. But that's not all since image editing adds just the right emphasis and drama to the whole thing.

Special prize "most inventive image": Christoph Schneider, Hamburg, Deutschland
At spectator points, the participants drive through a veritable sea of mobile phones. Everywhere arms are stretched out towards the cars to capture the scene in a picture or a video clip. Here the mobile phone is the main object since its screen shows more of the rally than the photo does itself. It is a perfect example of a photo in a photo.

The organizers of the Eifel Rallye Festival congratulate the winners and would like to thank all photographers for their participation. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.

In order to increase the anticipation already now, we have additionally made a best-of selection from all photo competition entries. We wish you a lot of fun while watching: