Completely revised: The Eifel Rallye Festival App is ready for download

Now in its second year, the official Eifel Rallye Festival app will be fully able to cope with the rush of spectators coming to Daun. While the design and the functionality have been improved radically, the features are identical as in 2013:

  • Current news during the event
  • Complete event time table
  • Description of all cars with the chance to vote for each of them

Spectator Voting via Smartphone


Wanted! The greatest car of the Eifel Rallye Festival. Take part in the voting and you could win a Meet & Greet with a rally star during next year’s event.

 Which car is your favourite? Is it the amazing Lancia Stratos, the revolutionary Audi Quattro or the classic Mini Cooper? With our free smartphone app you can grade every car taking part in the event and thus have your share in deciding which car will be chosen as the top car at the Eifel Rallye Festival 2014.


And this is how you can vote:

Simply download, install and start our free app. After the registration process, click on the button “Fahrzeuge” (cars) in the menu, select the car for which you would like to vote and then make your vote on the basis of stars (1 to 5). You can vote for as many cars as you like and even change your vote until the voting closes.