Cars eligible to enter and classification of cars

Cars eligible to enter the Eifel Historic Rallye Party are rally cars that have made or represent important international or national history in rallying and that can be identified as such by the spectators.

What are eligible are original rally cars and replicas built before 1987. In addition, rally cars built from 1987 onwards are acceptable but they have to be original Group A works cars or WRC/Super1600 cars. They cannot be replicas. All the cars have to be in a restored and well-maintained condition. Replicas have to be technically and visually identical to their historical model. The safety equipment (roll cage, seat belts, seats, fire extinguishing system) can be current state of the art.

All participants have to be able to prove the history of their cars with relevant pictures and an adequate historical explanation at the time they submit the entry form.

The cars will be classified by a commission set up by the organiser under the chairmanship of Reinhard Klein into the following classes:

Legend of the classification

Original:   Original historic rally cars
Replication   original replicas

Further details of the event are set out in the event regulations.

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Last update on 05/17/2023.

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